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July 4th, 2013



Ron Kovic’s an anti-war activist. He was born on July 4, 1946. Vietnam combat left him paralyzed. He’s wheelchair-bound.

His memoir titled “Born on the Fourth of July” became an Academy Award-winning film. Oliver Stone directed it. Tom Cruise played Kovic.

An updated 2005 book introduction said in part:

Vietnam’s “disastrous war” changed his life. It affected countless “others of (his) generation profoundly and forever.”

Back then was “a lifetime ago.” He was 18. He has photos of how he looked. Recalling them shakes him badly. He can’t do it without experiencing nightmares.

He can’t face the uninjured young man he once was. His trauma still runs deep. His “beautiful body (was) destroyed, defiled and savaged.”

His Vietnam experience left him “physically and emotionally haunted.” It pursues, threatens and overwhelms him.

He still experiences “nightmares, constant anxiety attacks, severe heart palpitations, and a powerful, almost obsessive feeling that I would not live past my thirtieth birthday.”

He lives each day like his last. He reflected on Bush wars. He envisions “another Vietnam unfolding.” Today’s America is far worse than then.

Washington “pursues a policy of deception, distortion, manipulation, and denial, doing everything it can to hide from the American people” its true agenda.

Flag-draped coffins return. So do “paraplegics, amputees, burn victims, the blinded and maimed, shocked and stunned, brain damaged and psychologically stressed.”

They fill VA hospitals. Record numbers of active military and veteran suicides go unnoticed. Nearly two dozen vets alone die daily this way.

Doing so reveals America’s dark side. Most people don’t know. Little gets reported. Broken lives don’t matter. War is hell. Who’s knows if people aren’t told. Those living it know best.

“To kill another human being, to take another life out of this world with one pull of a trigger, is something that never leaves you,” said Kovic.

“It is as if a part of you dies with them. If you choose to keep on living, there may be a healing, and even hope and happiness again – but that scar and memory and sorrow will be with you forever.”

Leaders promised never again. It’s worse now than ever. Wars rage out-of-control. New ones are planned. Permanent war is official US policy. Today’s “war on terror has become a war of terror.”

On July 4, Kovic turned 67. He’s no longer the whole man he used to be. He doesn’t sleep well at night. Emotional and physical pain haunt him.

Many other war vets experience the same thing. Washington destroyed their lives. Visit a VA hospital and see. Is this what America stands for? Is waging war more important than peace?

“Life is so precious,” said Kovic. Young generations are too special to lose.

All federal holidays reflect hypocrisy. Independence Day’s no different. It mocks Jefferson’s Declaration. He said governments “deriv(e) their just rights from the consent of the governed.”

“That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.”

It’s morally, ethically and legally just to do so. Resisting tyranny’s a universal right. Protecting freedom depends on preserving it. Noncooperation with evil is fundamental.

On July 4, 1776, America gained independence from Britain. Everything changed but stayed the same. Same old, same old continued. It did so under new management.

Duplicitous politicians planned it this way. Today we’d call them a Wall Street crowd. They included bankers, merchants, planters, ship owners, lawyers, politicians, judges, slave owners and traders, speculators, smugglers, privateers, and other type wheeler-dealers.

“We the people,” meant them. They created a government of men, not laws. Property owners alone had rights. Ordinary people didn’t matter. They were entirely left out.

Women were thought fit only for homemaking and child-bearing. They were considered appendages of their husbands.

Blacks were property, not people. Native Americans were enemies. They were systematically exterminated. Privileged white men alone ruled.

John Jay (America’s first chief Supreme Court Justice) said America should be run by men who own it. John Adams reflected the same sentiment.

He wanted it run by “the rich, the well born, and the able.” They had others like themselves in mind.

Government of, by and for the people meant them alone. Democracy was verboten. So was populism. Bill of Rights protections were for them. Self-styled patriots were frauds.

In 1787, Adams and Jefferson weren’t among America’s framers. Adams was ambassador to Britain. Jefferson was in Paris in the same capacity.

It wouldn’t have mattered either way. Elder statesman Benjamin Franklin was too enfeebled to participate. He observed without exerting influence. Washington’s was a legend in his own time.

His presence held things together. Students today don’t know he never got past the fifth grade. Franklin was mostly self-taught. Only 25 of 55 delegates attended college. Hamilton dropped out.

Framers crafted a future corporate state. They wanted wealth, power and privilege alone served. Equity and justice for all were quaint artifacts. Ordinary people were exploited.

Promoting the general welfare meant serving them. Presidents were empowered as virtual sovereigns. It’s mostly true in times of war. Checks and balances exist in name only. Constitutional provisions exclude what matters most.

Michael Parenti calls it a “conservative document.” It protects America’s “bourgeoisie(‘s freedom to) invest, speculate, trade, and accumulate wealth.” It legitimizes capital’s divine right.

Holiday celebrants ignore US history. Students aren’t taught it in school. Making them good citizens alone matters. Doing so excludes America’s dark side.

It’s no democracy. It wasn’t created as one. It never was beautiful. For sure, it’s not now. Native American genocide was perhaps the greatest ever.

It was unparalleled in scope and ferocity. It continues in new forms today. Killing an entire culture is longstanding.

Kill the Indian, Save the Man,” explained Ward Churchill. Doing so’s entirely ignored in mainstream discourse.

Howard Zinn said America committed genocide “brutally and purposefully.” It was done “in the name of progress.” General Phillip Sheridan explained, saying “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.”

The African holocaust was just as grim. It reflected 500 years of colonization, oppression, exploitation, and slavery. Much of it trafficked to America.

Black Africans were captured, branded, chained, force-marched to ports, beaten, kept in cages, and stripped of their humanity. They were sold like cattle. During the Middle Passage, millions perished.

They were packed like cargo under deplorable conditions in coffin-sized spaces. Sometimes they were placed one atop one another.

They experienced extreme discomfort. They had poor ventilation, little or no sanitation, and overall appalling conditions.

Dysentery, smallpox, blindness-causing ophthalmia, and other diseases became epidemics. Conditions below deck were dark, filthy, slimy, full of blood, vomit, and human excrement.

Women were beaten and raped. Claustrophobics became insane. Others were flogged or clubbed to death. Anyone thought to be diseased was dumped overboard like garbage.

Zinn called American slavery “the most cruel form in history: the frenzy for limitless profit that comes from capitalistic agriculture; the reduction of the slave to less than human status by the use of racial hatred, with that relentless clarity based on color, where white was master, black was slave.”

Celebrants have other thoughts in mind. They’re enjoying outings, picnics, barbecues, ballgames, outdoor concerts, parades, fireworks displays, visits to the shore, and other type recreation.

Suffering millions today don’t matter. America’s dark side isn’t known. Permanent wars are someone else’s problem. Sacrificing freedom for security goes unnoticed.

Monied interests alone benefit. Ordinary people are ruthlessly exploited. Patriotism means going along with what’s wrong. Independence Day celebrants do it unwittingly.

The New York Times called July 4 “a salute to the brave.” The Washington Post highlighted an “Independence Day Watermelon Bash.”

The Wall Street Journal said “fireworks light up the skies.” The Chicago Tribune noted “fireworks, festivals and parades.” The Los Angeles Times featured recipes.

All mainstream news fit to print isn’t worth reading. Television created a nation of morons. What’s most important is suppressed. Managed news misinformation substitutes for truth and full disclosure. Junk food news entertains.

Imperial wars go unnoticed. So does homeland repression. Class war raged for decades. A race to the bottom reflects official US policy. Unconscionable poverty, unemployment, hunger, homelessness, and despair go unmentioned.

Celebratory relaxing matters more. Unreported truths aren’t told. Wars of aggression aren’t liberating struggles. Civil liberties aren’t suppressed for our own good.

War is America’s national pastime. Independence Day glorifies what requires condemnation. Dark side reality reflects unconscionable harm.

Independence Day hypocrisy suppresses what demands highlighting. Don’t expect complicit media scoundrels to explain.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”


Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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Today we wish to speak of the reticence of those in positions of power to relinquish their positions even when confronted by the will of the masses of people whom they think they govern.

You are being made aware of these protests by your social networks and alternative news sources even though there is still precious little about them in your newspapers or on your television networks.  For yourselves, we urge you to combine all of the reports you do see into as complete a picture as you can.  You will become aware that this is a huge movement indeed, and this has not escaped the attention of those who would control you from behind closed doors.

Our message today is twofold.  First we would point out to the men behind the curtain that this is a force that becoming so large that they cannot possibly control it.  Stemming the tide in one location will not stop the tide itself.

Secondly, for those of you who support and pray for the success of what is occurring, we would point out the following.  Even though you are vastly in the majority, you can bring down upon yourselves vast resources that you have given to your governments.  This is not at all desirable.  You can and will achieve your aims peacefully if you so choose.  Your peaceful actions will surely show each breach of peaceful behavior by those who stand in your way in the worst possible light.  Something they also are aware of.

That is the reason they sometimes insert agents into your own ranks to stir up violence.  Be aware of these tactics and expose them whenever you see them.  For those not directly involved, and we wish that could be every one of you, please support peaceful and loving success with each beat of your hearts.  We assure you that even if that were all that happened, it would be enough to insure the outcome.  Nevertheless, send unconditional love to all involved.

We stress ‘unconditional’ and ‘all involved’.  There is no one involved on either side of these situations who is not a divine child of the universe, regardless of his or her beliefs or actions.  Therefore, let your prayers be for all.  Perhaps just let your prayers be for the wondrous new world you and they are building.

Call upon the support of any or all of us and it shall certainly be yours.  We hold love and admiration in our hearts for every dear soul who has placed herself or himself on your Earth at this time.  You are the New Earth.  Be safe, well, and at peace.

Good day, dear friends.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/


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[Original language German, translated by (Contra) Mary]

Beloved Humans on Earth, It is I - Mother Earth - you have various names for me and thus consequently I respond to all differing names.

Since it does not mean anything to me how you call me. Much more important is that you safeguard and honor me for what I do to you and I am safeguarding you each day of your life.

I am trying to support you with each and every of your doing by surrounding you with my energies and all my possible ways of grounding you. Such notifyings I have given to you already before through this special channel and others too.

It is quite important to comprehend that your bodies are being exposed to quite a “bombardement” of light and love so that your bodies are in constant labor and tiredness in order to integrate such huge influx of energies.

This again is leading to yours body’s capacity being fully occupied and your feeling of tiredness. This is why I recommend for your relief - as already mentioned before several times - to ground and connect yourselves with me as much as possible.

This will not use up much of your time however is of some essential functioning and I can assure you: it will make your days much more pleasant.

Today I’d like to deal with a topic completely new and which I never mentioned before.

“I - Mother Earth - have ascended into the 5th Dimension and have already been firmly anchored here - which you are still have to face and undergo.!”

Please, learn to let go …of all previous matters affiliated to the past matrix and dimension and you will have the same experience I had … you will be floated into the 5th dimension. I am already here expecting you and you cannot imagine at all what is in waiting for you here.

I don’ want to torture you but it is simply wonder- and beautiful and words are missing as well as any explanation what is expecting you here. It simply is ”Paradise on Earth” as you used to express it.

I am, looking forward to your arrival which is soon to come. I know you do not like hearing this “soon” but I can assure you that there is “light on” at this side and you will be able to enter this New Earth. She is waiting and is willed and prepared to take all of you up here.

I - when it comes to me - I have done my part and now it is your turn to follow my beloved ones! Be prepared to let go of the old Earth and you will be able to come here to me. Come to me - to the New Earth expecting you so longingly. Be willed and prepared because that is what I am too, my beloved humans !

Your Mother Earth, Gaia


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://soul4free.wordpress.com


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My dear hearts, today we will talk about "Family," about everything that has happened this way.

Dear ones, beloved hearts, you have gone through a real family chaos. Of all the situations you have experienced in this way which has shaken more deeply with you is the separation from loved ones. You are in a step, experiencing a process where one must go and others need to come, this has left you aching and confused.

Friends, we advise that you’d pass by many things through these times, and this is one of them, one of the most important. You need to let go of those that need to go, let them go, do not arrest them any more in your over attachment feelings, it just makes things difficult for both sides. Right now everyone is being called inside to where they need to be, to experience what they need experience and if you don’t cooperate with it, will make this required "separation" even more painful.

This is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate how much you are ready to Unity. Can you understand that in Unity does not exist "here or there"? Let go your fears of losing the company of those who you love and truly show that you love them allowing to do their choices, don’t you  want to choose by them. You also, noble souls, need to go somewhere, and you also need to collaborate when you are called, showing that you are detached from all that for a time you believed that you were owners.

You have heard from Emanuel when he was in the midst of you: To where I go, ye cannot go ye now," it could now be considered. Where many are going, you may not need to be, or where you are going they may not be now.

Remember that everything are moments, in the Universe there is no linear time and you will have eternity to enjoy the company of those you wish. You only need to collaborate now, all right ? This is another part of the game. Cooperate.

Have a nice day,

The friend from Sirius will talk to you next.

We'll talk more soon,


Gabriel: Thanks for that, my dear Michael!

Translation: Carolina Barisch


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Greetings dear ones we are the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support you at a time when all is now dissolving in TRUTH across and within the planet and within the human vehicle. That which will now reveal itself to the human race is TRUTH and we guide that ALL is perfect for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

We call out to our children who walk in human form upon the planet earth at this time. We send out the codings of 333, 222 and we call to those who walk in the roles of translators for humanity. Our channel is but one of these children and we ask that you understand her role and that of ALL of the children of the ELOHIM at this time upon the planet earth in the linear year of 2013.

That which is unfolding was always to unfold, the darkness now receded to a point of illumination for the majority of the human race in TRUTH. Those who sought to contain and suppress now able to see clearly that the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND will be birthed in TRUTH THROUGH the human race upon the planet earth. For planet earth has now reached the required levels of frequency needed in order to support our children in their roles upon this planet and within the human race. ALL codings now go out to ALL upon this planet in order that the human race is now guided in TRUTH into the LIGHT that was always before them yet hidden.

Many more will now step forward to show TRUTH to the human race and this will unfold across ALL sections of human society, many of you who read our words concentrating only on the spiritual paradigms, we ask for you to broaden your vision and understand that those who share the planet earth with you come in all forms and not all of them human. The need for the human race to now regain their balance and take their place alongside ALL in TRUTH is NOW, there has never been a time when it is not NOW and yet this has been hidden in plain view for aeons.

Movement into the new earth will be rapid for many within the human race, those of you who have "waited" for this moment may now step fully into this moment, you are being prepared each moment by your SOUL who is now guiding from the heart, we ask for you to follow the heart at all times, the heart is the KEY TO THE GOLDEN AGE OF TRANSFORMATION in TRUTH. Logic plays no part in the unfolding of the new earth, logic a tool of the old earth used to contain and suppress and we guide clearly that to hold tightly on to the logical way of living on this planet will no longer serve. Great miracles now unfold around you and through you and these are filtered out by logic, dear ones there is no logic in nature, you have been TAUGHT logic as a way of being controlled and manipulated within the lower dimensional energetic frequencies. These will now be highlighted in order that you are able to dissolve them, where you find frustration within your personal human life experience move into the heart, for the heart is the key, not your logical mind, the mind cannot walk you out of the labrynth that was created FOR YOU, the heart will SHOW YOU the path to freedom for it will illuminate it clearly beneath your feet.

We ask at this time for you to honour SELF and each other, for all may walk the path of illumination but it may take a different shape and form for each of you at any time. There is no "one" way out of the labrynth that was created FOR you, the routes out are clearly shown within the heart space. The human eyes may not see where you walk but your SOUL sees ALL and this we guide clearly for you to anchor deeply within. TRUST and FAITH in SELF will see you gain in momentum and able to process and discern TRUTH at rapid rates, holding on blindly to all that you have been taught will see you within a holding pattern that seeks to show you TRUTH at all times.

We are the ELOHIM and we state clearly at this time that all is perfect and ALL JUST IS. YOU are vast BEings of LIGHT that have been taught to avert your eyes from the heavens, taught that all is darkness when you are illuminating brightly from within. Do not fear that which is unfolding for it is the dissolving of your prison walls, all is vibration and all is frequency, look not for solid walls but for the frequencies that have kept you in situ for aeons, now you are free to walk the higher dimensional timelines in TRUTH, allow your eyes to adjust to the brightness for you are now illuminating more clearly each and every moment.

TRUTH JUST IS dear ones it needs no explanation or definition, TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE. Be at peace for ALL ARE ONE in the universe of 3 in the linear year of 2013 on planet earth.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved




Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authors websites are referenced and stated as shown. No permission is given to change the format of this article which is written and it may not be altered or shortened in anyway. This article remains the copyright of Karen Doonan at all times and must remain FREE to access at all times. FREEdom is your birthright.


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Even within the most unaware of circumstances Beautiful Ones, FAITH infiltrates each day of your splendid life. Realize that everything that you believe to be true is based even remotely on Faith; whether that faith is in yourself, in someone else, in God or even in the life that you are currently occupying. Faith has had a way to deepen your life, and bind together all that you hold as true and at the same time providing a never-ending of change that helps to guide you into newer ways of being and doing. 

Quite often Beautiful Ones, Faith is misunderstood and misrepresented. Understand my dears that faith is always formed by reason, experience and some amount of actual fact. Faith is also fostered by your intuition that provides you with an Inner Knowing regarding what it is you are to do along your journey. Faith brings you belief to knowing what your purpose is for this life you are currently living. 

Throughout all the many different cultural beliefs, there is within a form of faith that is known and understood. Faith Beautiful Ones delivers you to believing that life is always worth living regardless of any obstacles and challenges that may cross your path at any one time. When you apply Faith during any of your challenges, regardless if they are difficult or easy, you are instantly aligning yourself to gain all that is essential in life. 

Faith is observed every day, but it takes a dear soul to observe without the heavy emotions that are often on the surface that cloud your perception. Many of your newscasts deliver heartbreaking news that speaks of one tragedy after another. What they don’t always show is how the survivors of these ordeals are coping but when they do what you see is the Faith and Hope that is alive and strong within them. They know already that their life ahead of them will be a challenge to rebuild but they are moving forward one step and one day at a time, persevering and making it happen. How many times Beautiful Ones have you met a terrible obstacle, thinking how in the world are you going to make it? Yet here you are, stronger and filled with more wisdom that ever. Faith has always had an impact on your life even if you were not aware of the quiet working of this part of your Self. 

When you willingly adopt a pace that includes Faith, you find yourself being re-strengthened from the inside out. You have an uncanny knowing that you are able to overcome any difficulty and face any adversity head one because you believe in your heart and soul that you can. When you work Faith into your coping strategy, you will receive instantaneously direction and purpose; you will suddenly understand the purpose for the current situation and begin to learn what it is meant to teach you at a soul level. Faith provides meaning to your purpose and how to gain more knowledge of who you are as a person within a collective and united universal heart of Love, Light, Grace and Compassion. Faith is something, a part of you that will always be challenged, we understand at times you may feel lost, possibly confused but once the confusion filters away what is left dear ones is clarity and understanding; gifts given to you because of the faith you maintained even if it was wavering on a thin line of Hope. 

It is the Egoic mind that plays against your Faith by bringing doubt into your thinking, it is the opposite of Faith and something that must be put to rest if you are going to overcome any situation that is presented to you with any amount of difficulty. Doubt if left to grow will create within you a need to question your beliefs and your reasons. It is often because of doubt that you begin to criticize and judge yourself. When you find yourself swaying to a negative way of thinking that may have you feeling isolated we encourage you to counter this low energy feeling with Love. We know how tired you can become. Remember Beautiful Ones to give yourself love and compassion. Nothing is ever hopeless as long as you have Faith, and when you have Faith there is always Hope.

We remind you, life is always changing. It changes whenever you make a choice. Each choice brings you to change, not just to your routine but to you as well on a personal level. Change can be very small or it can be monumental. When there are great changes, many do not embrace the changes that bring new opportunities and possibilities. For many among you, change creates Fear. Have Faith my dears and hold within you a Trust and Hope that the changes that you may be experiencing will deliver you to new opportunities that will provide more knowledge that always leads to wisdom. It is important to keep in mind, your journey is not just about all the pleasant events that you have experienced, but your journey also includes that ones that brought you pain and despair. Your learning and developing of your Self is a combination of both – an equal collaboration of negative and positive events creating a balanced spirit that has both Faith and Hope living deep within their being. Embrace all your challenges with the fearlessness of a warrior; discover that you are filled to the brim with courage and strength. This strength and courage is found when you go within while facing something difficult and challenging and it is Faith and Hope that directs you to bring this essential part of yourself forward to the surface. You have encountered many difficult times before and you succeeded and you will again. 

Even while exercising Faith, you hold an understanding that you know not the whole outcome of any event, yet you are positive with Hope that all will be as it should. Faith does not provide you with exact knowing of details but with belief that the changes being experienced will bring about a successful outcome. Faith provides you with the inner knowing that the changes being experienced externally will also affect you on the inside. All changes provide you with the capability of learning more of who you are, you become one step closer to knowing your True Self with an uncanny Trust that even though you have no insight on the future, you KNOW everything will be as it should and all will turn out positively. 

We remind you Beautiful Ones that all that you have, even your own existence is temporary. Look around you, and try to see yourself from a distance. Look at how far you have come during such a short time within your lifespan. You have gathered so much experience through real life experiences, they were not anyone else’s, they did not come from a book, the wisdom and knowledge you have gained came from the experiences you weathered. It does not matter if you have material items that demonstrate your wisdom what matters is what you hold close and dear to your heart and that your integrity remains intact as a person with great Faith and Hope for all of life, including your own. 

There are many among you that only profess Faith, yet they do not act upon it. Professing Faith alone is not enough my dears, you must also express your Faith through your actions. Understand Faith is one of the foundational powers that are provided and freely given to help transform your life towards any one direction that is favourable to you. Faith provides you to be in the presence of God as well. Faith is not something you must earn or learn from something or someone, Faith is already an inherent part of you just as you are already a part of God. It is important Beautiful Ones, even though Faith and Belief are closely related and often work together, they are not the same. Think of belief as your activator of Faith. Whenever you believed in something, it was Faith that gave it the power to bring your belief into something tangible. Faith will take you to where your focus is centered on and through your actions; Faith will become an expression of goodness and of positive Light and Love. 

When you express Faith my dears, you are saying YES to God, giving Faith to Him with absolute Trust that all will work out according to God’s Will. Faith provides you with the ability to fully trust the good intentions of God even though you cannot see His physical presence. Every time you actively draw your good from God you are exercising the action of Faith. You become able to trust God’s direction regardless of where it leads knowing He would never lead you astray or into challenges you could not overcome. God will provide you with the direction that will lead you to knowing more of your True Self just by having Faith in His guidance, Faith in your own ability to see any steps through and the Hope that within all possibilities your path may take you, you will always succeed. Sometimes success takes long to greet, but the important part my dears is never giving up. Maintain your Faith and Hope that all is already in perfect order and you will come out of every situation stronger than when you began. Embrace each trial and tribulation, love the person you are becoming through the Faith and Hope that resides deep within you. 

Whenever you have had to utilize your faith as an initiative action you have brought changes and you begin to see things differently, with a different kind of clarity that is unclouded by doubt and uncertainty. Faith has brought many Beautiful Ones into a deeper understanding of their selves that awakens within them something profound that was waiting for the precise moment to become noticed. When you begin to see the power of Faith as also being the Truth of God’s Presence, you then are beginning to allow yourself to step out and embrace a deeper part of yourself that has been long forgotten. This self you are greeting has always been there, it was only hiding because you were not ready to see. At different moments through different challenges certain feelings are felt and experienced and sometimes different awakenings and awareness is developed. None can be reached until a certain level of understanding is achieved beforehand and this understanding is not understood until the moment of clarity arrives… and it is your Faith through the God’s Presence that brings you to knowing this deeper side of your Self. You can be anything you set out to be when you enable the Power of Faith that is found within yourself that is equally joined with the Truth of God’s Presence. 

When you have Faith and you put Faith into action in all things, you see with new unclouded eyes options that were not presented before. To make Faith work for you Beautiful Ones, you must take the initiative to express your faith through your actions, not just profess that you have Faith. We remind you, when you are expressing your Faith you are also expressing your own Inner Personal Power that also represents God in Action through you. 

When you are able to truly feel God’s Presence and His own Power within you, you will know without any doubt that you have the power to always move forward and bring your dreams and goals into reality as they are empowered by the sacred and divine beauty of your unconditional love. When God is permitted to work through you within your Faith and Hope, you know my dears that nothing you attempt will fail. Faith will take you where your Fears have hindered you. Take that brave step forward with Faith in your hand and know you will always land where your heart is leading you to. Trust in the Work of God, and Trust in your Self. 

And so it is… 

I AM Archeia Lady Faith through Julie Miller 




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Selamat Balik! We come with much to tell you. At this time, an exchange of legal documents is underway which paves the way for the final exchanges sanctioning the various prosperity programs to be fully funded by the Dragon families. It also authorizes Quan Yin and St. Germain to sign disbursement papers for each of their world trusts. The individuals who make up these international boards of trustees are similarly immersed in these complex-signing procedures. Concurrently, the many organizations set up to distribute these funds are alerting their regional trustees that the time long awaited by all is fast approaching. This final flurry of activity owes its legitimacy to a very special set of legal protocols, and its implementation at this time is made possible in part by the First Contact Board's sagacious use of what we call the galactic option. This is simply the power behind the Light to get things done. It has allowed favorable legal decisions to be secretly handed down and these are now ready to bring our long journey to a most marvelous moment of manifestation!

As all of this moves inexorably forward, we monitor the many schemes of the dark cabal. So far we have been able to neutralize the deleterious effects of the global chem-trails that the dark has sprayed into the atmosphere for around a decade. This ongoing depredation has severely disrupted the natural balance of your atmosphere and spread pestilence and disease across the globe. It is threatening to trigger a great extinction cycle, decimating humanity as well as the entire ecosphere of the planet. Our countermeasures in this area are preparing the ground for the time after disclosure, when our technology can safely return Gaia's atmosphere, oceans, and landmasses back into the state of balance that existed just after the end of WWII, in late 1945. This point of terrestrial balance can be moved; it is simply a starting point that ultimately needs to be moved 'back' to an even more pristine time, over 2500 years ago. This is the point to be worked toward once we have begun to distribute some of our technology among you.

Once your interim government makes its initial announcements, we intend to oversee this technology disbursal and do what is necessary to ensure that the many government programs are successfully launched. This will be our prime focus before disclosure. Our sacred mission is to do all that is deemed vital to shift you toward full consciousness as this is why we are here. Our Agarthan liaison teams and associated personnel are working diligently to push the dark out of power. You can see that many abuses of power are still at work in all corners of your world, and while these things are upsetting for us we remain in full compliance with the edicts laid out for us in Heaven's divine plan. Rest assured, the expressions of the dark cabal's arrogance are very shortly to be transformed. We have witnessed the legal rulings that your new governance will use to change many of these injustices. And soon thereafter further great changes of heart will come to pass when the Ascended Masters begin their new teachings around the world, and this will engender a great change in attitude in all your societal structures. Indeed, the truth of so many things coming to Light will alter a great many perceptions among a great many people.

The moment you have all been waiting for is here: the end of the stranglehold of the dark upon your world and your lives! Each of you knows in your higher mind that this great, prophesied shift is now ready to happen. Our fleet has been compelled for a very long time to watch and merely carry out whatever assisted you in your cause in a very slow but deliberate manner. We are very pleased that a period of more direct action arrives! Our liaison teams see clearly that the dark's grip is failing, and the resources it once had at its beck and call are dwindling fast. This reversal of fortune is being helped by our own actions and it is our firm intention to see the shift in governance completed successfully. It is time for the Light to take back this realm and ensure that you swiftly and easily return to your natural, fully conscious state. This stage of the operation is beginning now, and we hope to be able to complete the process in just over a year. To this end we joyfully proclaim our full and unwavering focus!

Blessings to all! We are your Ascended Masters! We return to deliver a special message! Your world is in the final stage of a transition from dark to Light. Nearly 13 millennia ago, Atlantis, due to its own arrogant miscalculations, sank beneath the waves. Its citizenry was evacuated to a planet that orbits a star in the constellation Centaurus, called Hagar, or Beta Centauri by our astronomers. The Centaurians know it as Agena. These Atlantean evacuees knew that the few survivors of that watery calamity were to be our ancestors. These 'fallen' humans began a long, arduous journey that was ultimately to see their prodigy at long last return to full consciousness. We have watched over these generations of wanderers and witnessed the Anunnaki being given temporary control of surface Earth. It was this that resulted in our home world being split into two separate realms. Our sacred task down through the ages was to guide you and see that the edicts of Heaven were righteously followed.

A few centuries ago, the dark finally permitted a small amount of primitive technology to see the light of day on your surface world. The Anunnaki were careful to make sure that the subsequent progress using this deleterious technology was slow and accompanied by much pain and suffering for Gaia and our ancestors. We did what we could to help, to cure, and to given moral advice to all concerned. We noticed the way Heaven was slowly introducing Souls into Gaia who grew up to use their abilities and resources to assist us in distributing sustenance and other much-needed resources to those whose poverty and pain were most acute. We bless our associates and ask that all soon honor this good work. Now the time comes when we can openly address you about what we witnessed unfolding over the past 13 millennia.

We have seen the Anunnaki create a world of ignorance, unending strife, and poverty. Wealth was used to cause bitterness and separation, and was mainly the province of a special group of minions who ruled absolutely and displayed unbelievable cruelty and endemic immorality. Such lawlessness is to cease, and this will allow the grand shift decreed by Heaven to take place as planned. Then we can openly explain about the past dark times, and prepare you for your return to full consciousness. As Ascended Masters, we have created a sacred network which is to provide you with a universal prosperity that is linked to your sovereignty. The other side of that coin is freedom, and this unites you with your long-lost families from Inner Earth, Heaven, and space. Hosanna to Heaven and to your Liberation! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we discussed the progress-taking place on your surface realm. The time comes for the great shift to the Light proclaimed by Heaven, and we come only to fulfill these decrees and bring you all home to full consciousness. Your freedom and full recognition by all of your sacred, personal sovereignty is at hand! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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