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Seth D8 Acentianlogic!

Elohim ~ Codings for the Elohim Children on Planet Earth ~ via Karen Doonan

Elohim ~ Codings for the Elohim Children on Planet Earth ~ via Karen Doonan

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Seth D8

Greetings dear ones we are the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support you at a time when all is now dissolving in TRUTH across and within the planet and within the human vehicle. That which will now reveal itself to the human race is TRUTH and we guide that ALL is perfect for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

We call out to our children who walk in human form upon the planet earth at this time. We send out the codings of 333, 222 and we call to those who walk in the roles of translators for humanity. Our channel is but one of these children and we ask that you understand her role and that of ALL of the children of the ELOHIM at this time upon the planet earth in the linear year of 2013.

That which is unfolding was always to unfold, the darkness now receded to a point of illumination for the majority of the human race in TRUTH. Those who sought to contain and suppress now able to see clearly that the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND will be birthed in TRUTH THROUGH the human race upon the planet earth. For planet earth has now reached the required levels of frequency needed in order to support our children in their roles upon this planet and within the human race. ALL codings now go out to ALL upon this planet in order that the human race is now guided in TRUTH into the LIGHT that was always before them yet hidden.

Many more will now step forward to show TRUTH to the human race and this will unfold across ALL sections of human society, many of you who read our words concentrating only on the spiritual paradigms, we ask for you to broaden your vision and understand that those who share the planet earth with you come in all forms and not all of them human. The need for the human race to now regain their balance and take their place alongside ALL in TRUTH is NOW, there has never been a time when it is not NOW and yet this has been hidden in plain view for aeons.

Movement into the new earth will be rapid for many within the human race, those of you who have "waited" for this moment may now step fully into this moment, you are being prepared each moment by your SOUL who is now guiding from the heart, we ask for you to follow the heart at all times, the heart is the KEY TO THE GOLDEN AGE OF TRANSFORMATION in TRUTH. Logic plays no part in the unfolding of the new earth, logic a tool of the old earth used to contain and suppress and we guide clearly that to hold tightly on to the logical way of living on this planet will no longer serve. Great miracles now unfold around you and through you and these are filtered out by logic, dear ones there is no logic in nature, you have been TAUGHT logic as a way of being controlled and manipulated within the lower dimensional energetic frequencies. These will now be highlighted in order that you are able to dissolve them, where you find frustration within your personal human life experience move into the heart, for the heart is the key, not your logical mind, the mind cannot walk you out of the labrynth that was created FOR YOU, the heart will SHOW YOU the path to freedom for it will illuminate it clearly beneath your feet.

We ask at this time for you to honour SELF and each other, for all may walk the path of illumination but it may take a different shape and form for each of you at any time. There is no "one" way out of the labrynth that was created FOR you, the routes out are clearly shown within the heart space. The human eyes may not see where you walk but your SOUL sees ALL and this we guide clearly for you to anchor deeply within. TRUST and FAITH in SELF will see you gain in momentum and able to process and discern TRUTH at rapid rates, holding on blindly to all that you have been taught will see you within a holding pattern that seeks to show you TRUTH at all times.

We are the ELOHIM and we state clearly at this time that all is perfect and ALL JUST IS. YOU are vast BEings of LIGHT that have been taught to avert your eyes from the heavens, taught that all is darkness when you are illuminating brightly from within. Do not fear that which is unfolding for it is the dissolving of your prison walls, all is vibration and all is frequency, look not for solid walls but for the frequencies that have kept you in situ for aeons, now you are free to walk the higher dimensional timelines in TRUTH, allow your eyes to adjust to the brightness for you are now illuminating more clearly each and every moment.

TRUTH JUST IS dear ones it needs no explanation or definition, TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE. Be at peace for ALL ARE ONE in the universe of 3 in the linear year of 2013 on planet earth.

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