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Seth D8 Acentianlogic!

Where ascenstion resources and your logic meet!

Seth D8
4 November 1974
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Seth D8 has had 15+ years in design graphics, beginning in Seattle where he created his first company at age sixteen. His artist development progressed from simple designing of hats to a broader medium. He realized that the world could be a platform to express his own unique interpretation of reality. He began to play around with several different mediums becoming an expert in all.

His desire to creatively alter his existence through art has brought him to this point in his development as an artist. His beliefs transgress through himself and onto his creations. All of his creations are spiritual based and spiritual bound. They are all clear of byproducts and centered around his green based beliefs.

Seth D8’s belief in redefining his natural consequences for his consciousness take him to a plane where most artist long to be, manifesting his own destiny through divinity. He wants to consciously explore all art with all artists; working toward the common goal of creatively uniting our plant.

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